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As Mayor

I promise a "total reform" of the NYPD! I will work for New Yorkers to bring the NYPD into the 21st century. Time to put an end to a practise that treat New Yorkers in all the five boroughs as if living in the Jewish gettho of the Venetian republic.

Stop and frisk or "Terry stop" is unconstitutional! And since more than 40% city residents are immigrants, it is my duty as Mayor to offer equal protection to citizens and non-citizens under the law. I will therefore issue special cards with the 4th, the 5th and the 14th amendment printed on it for all New York city residents' ID's.

Blue collar crime is more damaging to the city than petty crimes. I will leave no stone unturned tackling these high minded crimes, cyber crimes and other forms of crimes and criminal activities in all the five boroughs and the tri-states.

I will put a cap on rent hike and property tax. Why? It is one of many ways to create a sustainable economy and create jobs for New Yorkers. It is also the best way to bring back research institutes, educational facilities and businesses into city properties.

I will enable affordable housing development by adjusting zone and spatial arrangements in all the five boroughs - so developers and landlords could either build upwards or build grand basement dwellings. And for security sake, I will make special provisions for digging deep and building basement dwellings throughout the city, because it is the best way to protect the city from EMP attack.

I will tackle obesity, solid waste management, carbon footprint and set up a Children's Cabinet in the City hall, as way to boost prekindergarten education in all the five boroughs.

Fortune favors the bold. Join up with the party of the bold. Let's ReBuildNewYork today!


My campaigns of the past six years.

NYPD Reform

The organizational structure of the NYPD must be brought up to par with standards of the 21st century. So is operational standards and manners of policing our streets.

Nepotism will be actively weeded out of the force. It is a bad recruitment practice that not only affect admin and professionalism, it is against the constitution. It is against the oath of allegiance and the city's charter from 1634 to 1855 till present.

Children's Cabinet

Establishing a Children's cabinet will give more voice to other PreKindergarten initiatives coming out our diverse community.

It is the only way to set apart our preK from being jumbled up with Youth development, Families + Aging program. Why? The need of a high schooler is different from that of a college age student, a family, as well as that of a retired pensioneer.

Smart grid technology

For the sake of security, high schools, safety and small businesses, I will take the city of New York off the current, less secure and energy consuming system we have in place at the moment.

The simplest thing a Mayor could do in a new smart grid system is to provide fast internet accessibility to poor families - so thier kids could study and do home works outside of school. It is also good for business transactions.

Arts and Culture

A robust strategic policy is needed for the continuation of the arts and culture.

As stated through my last campaign for Mayor in 2013, with less than 10% of the NYPD yearly budget, I will create a system where the arts (artists and artistes) flourish under city care through housing programs, patronage and agreement to teach and serve the public.

The way we study creative arts, literature, culture, history and music in our schools could only be improved by living professional artists.

Sustainable economy

New York city Mayors have always inherit a crazy tax system that benefits the state in Albany more than New Yorks. As Mayor, my first job is to stand up to swell the pockets of the middle class, property owners and every working New Yorkers.

Albany extracts too much from New York city through our ports, through the MTA and through our correctional facilities, to say the least. Our correctional facilities is full of petty offenders, that are heavily punished for petty crimes.

In my opinion, keeping them looked up without access to education and societal giudance is costing New York city's tax payers a lot. I will waste no time in addressing this. For New York city to better compete in the 21st century, we need to find a way to equip these human resources for 21st century market economy.

The Courts

Fast, effective, direct and equal access to justice can only be made possible in New York city, if we free our legal executives, Judges and the courts from being choked to submission by the ever present and over bearing footprints of our law enforcement officers.

As Mayor, I will set up an independent force to patrol and provide security for the courts, the Judges and prosecuting attorneys' where and when needed.

I will make sure instances of rape and harassment of female detainees in our correctional facilities become a thing of the past.

About Smithie

I am a Radical Republican an Independent and a Working Families Party candidate.

  • 2014-2017

    SmithieForPresident 2016

    Since 2014, I have been actively campaigning for the office of the President of the United States. As a Radical Republican and an Independent, my campaign focus was on total infrastructure update, embrace technology and the new age of American energy.

    http://smithieforpresident.com https://veteranstalkback.quora.com
  • 2012-2013

    SmithieForMayorNYC 2013

    In 2013, I promised to use technology as a means for running a better and more effective government in the city of New York. I promised to create a system where the arts (artists and artistes) flourish under city care, patronage, agreement to teach and serve the public.

    https://smithiesnewyork2013.com https://smithieformayor.quora.com
  • The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America

    My Political Party

    Known as La Allianza in the Latino communities of New York, New Jersey, California, Florida and Arizona, my own political party, The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America is a nationally recognized "third" political entity.

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    My Socio-Political Action Committee

    ReBuildUSAtoday is a socio-political hybrid PAC. Like the reconsruction acts, I use ReBuildUSAtoday to push the governmnet to provide a better means for uplifting the poor and the middle class out of misery by focusing on challenges posed by emerging trends in technology, robotics, mining and globalization. I have sister bodies in ReBuildUK, ReBuildCanada and ReBuildAustralia.

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